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Why the development of artificial intelligence might result in greater pollution of our digital public spaces.... Read more
Published on: 2023-09-23
The former Texas congressman’s plan takes an expansive view of both the potential and the risks of artificial intelligence, calling for it to be used more widely but also tightly regulated.... Read more
Published on: 2023-09-20
Elon Musk, Sam Altman, Mark Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai and others are set to discuss artificial intelligence with lawmakers, in one of the tech industry’s most proactive shows of force in Washington.... Read more
Published on: 2023-09-13
Beijing’s influence campaign using artificial intelligence is a rapid change in tactics, researchers from Microsoft and other organizations say.... Read more
Published on: 2023-09-11
The entrepreneur Mustafa Suleyman’s new book calls for lawmakers to seize the opportunities and mitigate the potentially catastrophic risks of artificial intelligence.... Read more
Published on: 2023-09-10
The most visible winner of the artificial intelligence boom achieved its dominance by becoming a one-stop shop for A.I. development, from chips to software to other services.... Read more
Published on: 2023-08-21
Developers are embracing artificial intelligence tools like drones, cameras, apps and robots, which can reduce the timelines and waste that have made construction increasingly costly.... Read more
Published on: 2023-08-16
The tech giant is evaluating tools that would use artificial intelligence to perform tasks that some of its researchers have said should be avoided.... Read more
Published on: 2023-08-16
Gary Gensler, who has studied the consequences of artificial intelligence for years, said that the technology could lead to future financial crises.... Read more
Published on: 2023-08-07
As the tech giants found their financial footing last quarter, they doubled down on artificial intelligence, which has been a boon to companies like Nvidia.... Read more
Published on: 2023-08-05
Our sneak peek into Google’s new robotics model, RT-2, which melds artificial intelligence technology with robots.... Read more
Published on: 2023-07-28
Microsoft and Alphabet will report results on Tuesday, as investors look for signs that a rally in stocks tied to artificial intelligence is justified.... Read more
Published on: 2023-07-25
While there has been a flurry of activity by the White House and lawmakers over artificial intelligence, rules for the technology remain distant, lawmakers and experts said.... Read more
Published on: 2023-07-21
Amazon, Google and Meta are among the companies that will announce the new commitments on Friday as they race to outdo each other with versions of artificial intelligence.... Read more
Published on: 2023-07-21
The company said it would give outside programmers access to the latest version of its core artificial intelligence technology.... Read more
Published on: 2023-07-18
A Queens assemblyman used an artificial intelligence program to identify gaps in New York law. But the resulting bill’s potential impact is murky at best.... Read more
Published on: 2023-07-14
Douglas Hofstadter is re-examining his stance on artificial intelligence.... Read more
Published on: 2023-07-13
A new machine furthers a technology company’s aims at providing astrological readings using artificial intelligence.... Read more
Published on: 2023-07-04
Foreign investors betting on artificial intelligence are pouring money into the company’s shares. Analysts say it will have a hard time keeping up with rivals.... Read more
Published on: 2023-07-04
For thousands of years, mathematicians have adapted to the latest advances in logic and reasoning. Are they ready for artificial intelligence?... Read more
Published on: 2023-07-02