Search algorithm reveals nearly 200 new kinds of CRISPR systems | MIT News

Microbial sequence databases include a wealth of details about enzymes and different molecules that might be tailored for biotechnology. However these databases have grown so massive in recent times that they’ve change into troublesome to look effectively for enzymes of curiosity. Now, scientists on the McGovern Institute for Mind Analysis at MIT, the Broad Institute … Read more

Bacterial injection system delivers proteins in mice and human cells | MIT News

Researchers on the McGovern Institute for Mind Analysis at MIT and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard have harnessed a pure bacterial system to develop a brand new protein supply method that works in human cells and animals. The expertise, described as we speak in Nature, will be programmed to ship a wide range … Read more

Teresa Gao named 2024 Mitchell Scholar | MIT News

MIT senior Teresa Gao has been named one of the 12 winners of the George J. Mitchell Scholarship’s Class of 2024. After graduating next spring with a double major in computer science and engineering as well as brain and cognitive sciences, she will study augmented and virtual reality at Trinity College Dublin. Gao is the … Read more