Using deep learning to image the Earth’s planetary boundary layer | MIT News

Though the troposphere is usually regarded as the closest layer of the environment to the Earth’s floor, the planetary boundary layer (PBL) — the bottom layer of the troposphere — is definitely the half that almost all considerably influences climate close to the floor. Within the 2018 planetary science decadal survey, the PBL was raised as … Read more

Automating the math for decision-making under uncertainty | MIT News

One purpose deep studying exploded during the last decade was the provision of programming languages that would automate the maths — college-level calculus — that’s wanted to coach every new mannequin. Neural networks are skilled by tuning their parameters to attempt to maximize a rating that may be quickly calculated for coaching information. The equations … Read more

Cognitive scientists develop new model explaining difficulty in language comprehension | MIT News

Cognitive scientists have lengthy sought to grasp what makes some sentences harder to understand than others. Any account of language comprehension, researchers consider, would profit from understanding difficulties in comprehension. Lately researchers efficiently developed two fashions explaining two vital forms of issue in understanding and producing sentences. Whereas these fashions efficiently predict particular patterns of … Read more