A pose-mapping technique could remotely evaluate patients with cerebral palsy | MIT News

It may be a problem to get to the physician’s workplace. And the duty may be particularly difficult for folks of youngsters with motor problems equivalent to cerebral palsy, as a clinician should consider the kid in individual regularly, usually for an hour at a time. Making it to those frequent evaluations may be costly, … Read more

When computer vision works more like a brain, it sees more like people do | MIT News

From cameras to self-driving vehicles, lots of as we speak’s applied sciences rely upon synthetic intelligence to extract that means from visible info. At this time’s AI expertise has synthetic neural networks at its core, and more often than not we will belief these AI laptop imaginative and prescient methods to see issues the way … Read more

Computer vision system marries image recognition and generation | MIT News

Computer systems possess two outstanding capabilities with respect to photographs: They’ll each establish them and generate them anew. Traditionally, these features have stood separate, akin to the disparate acts of a chef who is sweet at creating dishes (technology), and a connoisseur who is sweet at tasting dishes (recognition). But, one can’t assist however marvel: … Read more

Using reflections to see the world from new points of view | MIT News

As a automobile travels alongside a slim metropolis road, reflections off the shiny paint or aspect mirrors of parked automobiles may help the motive force glimpse issues that may in any other case be hidden from view, like a toddler enjoying on the sidewalk behind the parked automobiles. Drawing on this concept, researchers from MIT … Read more

Training machines to learn more like humans do | MIT News

Think about sitting on a park bench, watching somebody stroll by. Whereas the scene might continually change because the particular person walks, the human mind can rework that dynamic visible info right into a extra steady illustration over time. This capacity, generally known as perceptual straightening, helps us predict the strolling particular person’s trajectory. In … Read more

Making property assessments as simple as snapping a picture | MIT News

Property assessments sit on the heart of residence value determinations, insurance coverage claims, renovation initiatives, and quite a few different necessary processes. Inaccurate or delayed assessments can set initiatives again and stick customers with greater prices. Now, a platform first developed at MIT makes creating detailed property assessments as simple as snapping a couple of … Read more

Roomba testers feel misled after intimate images ended up on Facebook

“Quite a lot of this language appears to be designed to exempt the corporate from relevant privateness legal guidelines, however none of it displays the truth of how the product operates.” What’s extra, all take a look at individuals needed to agree that their knowledge might be used for machine studying and object detection coaching. … Read more

Putting clear bounds on uncertainty | MIT News

In science and know-how, there was an extended and regular drive towards bettering the accuracy of measurements of all types, together with parallel efforts to boost the decision of photos. An accompanying purpose is to cut back the uncertainty within the estimates that may be made, and the inferences drawn, from the info (visible or … Read more

A simpler path to better computer vision | MIT News

Before a machine-learning model can complete a task, such as identifying cancer in medical images, the model must be trained. Training image classification models typically involves showing the model millions of example images gathered into a massive dataset. However, using real image data can raise practical and ethical concerns: The images could run afoul of … Read more