The AI Act is done. Here’s what will (and won’t) change

The businesses with probably the most highly effective AI fashions, akin to GPT-4 and Gemini, will face extra onerous necessities, akin to having to carry out mannequin evaluations and risk-assessments and mitigations, guarantee cybersecurity safety, and report any incidents the place the AI system failed. Firms that fail to conform will face large fines or their merchandise might be banned from the EU. 

It’s additionally price noting that free open-source AI fashions that share each element of how the mannequin was constructed, together with the mannequin’s structure, parameters, and weights, are exempt from lots of the obligations of the AI Act.

Deeper Studying

Africa’s push to control AI begins now

The projected advantage of AI adoption on Africa’s economic system is tantalizing. Estimates counsel that Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and South Africa alone may rake in as much as $136 billion price of financial advantages by 2030 if companies there start utilizing extra AI instruments. Now the African Union—made up of 55 member nations—is making an attempt to work out easy methods to develop and regulate this rising know-how. 

It’s not going to be simple: If African international locations do not develop their very own regulatory frameworks to guard residents from the know-how’s misuse, some specialists fear that Africans will probably be damage within the course of. But when these international locations do not additionally discover a technique to harness AI’s advantages, others worry their economies might be left behind. (Learn extra from Abdullahi Tsanni.) 

Bits and Bytes

An AI that may play Goat Simulator is a step towards extra helpful machines
A brand new AI agent from Google DeepMind can play completely different video games, together with ones it has by no means seen earlier than akin to Goat Simulator 3, a enjoyable motion recreation with exaggerated physics. It’s a step towards extra generalized AI that may switch expertise throughout a number of environments. (MIT Expertise Assessment) 

This self-driving startup is utilizing generative AI to foretell visitors
Waabi says its new mannequin can anticipate how pedestrians, vans, and bicyclists transfer utilizing lidar knowledge. In case you immediate the mannequin with a scenario, like a driver recklessly merging onto a freeway at excessive velocity, it predicts how the encompassing automobiles will transfer, then generates a lidar illustration of 5 to 10 seconds into the longer term (MIT Expertise Assessment) 

LLMs turn out to be extra covertly racist with human intervention
It’s lengthy been clear that giant language fashions like ChatGPT take up racist views from the tens of millions of pages of the web they’re skilled on. Builders have responded by making an attempt to make them much less poisonous. However new analysis means that these efforts, particularly as fashions get bigger, are solely curbing racist views which can be overt, whereas letting extra covert stereotypes develop stronger and higher hidden. (MIT Expertise Assessment)

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