What Are The Best Father’s Day Gifts For Grandpa?

To help you find the perfect gift for him, we have compiled a list of Father’s Day gifts your grandpa would like to receive on his special day. Whether you’re celebrating from afar or at a big family gathering that probably won’t take place this year, send a thoughtful Father’s Day gift right to his doorstep. Sources: 2

1. A Personalized Mug

If your grandfather loves his morning coffee or tea, you can’t do anything wrong with a personalized Father’s Day cup. It’s super simple and affordable, and its something Dad (or Grandpa) can drink his morning coffee out of every day. There are a few ways you could go about doing this. You could buy a professionally printed mug with text or a personalized message, or a custom/personal photo or drawing.

Another option is creating a custom mug at home. Your kids can write everything you love about dad or grandpa with a Sharpie on a cheap blank mug. It’s a fairly simple process. Write or draw on your cup with a Sharpie. Let the sharpie dry, either overnight or at a minimum, for a few hours. Then bake the mug for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. We suggest you leave the mug in the oven for preheat and cooldown to prevent a quick temperature change from causing cracking or shattering.  Sources: 0

2. His Favorite Drink

Father’s Day is a time to celebrate the amazing men in your life who will never stop loving and supporting you. Just add a cold six pack of your favorite brew and you’re on track to give your grandfather the best Father’s Day gift. This is the perfect cherry on top to give grandpa a happy Father’s Day. Sources: 3, 4 After a full day of work, one of the best ways for your father to relax is to have a glass of beer with you. Sources: 1

If he’s not a beer guy, try his favorite liquor, coffee, or tea.

3. A Photo Collage

This photo collage with grandpa’s grandchildren will help fuel his obsession and give him a boost. Add some of the best photos of his favorite people and let him enjoy a beer while you make the perfect gift for his birthday or Father’s Day. Sources: 1, 4 Choose the best family photos from your last photo shoot that you can incorporate into this wooden wall artwork as a Father’s Day gift for Grandpa. Add more photos to create your own unique Father’s Day gifts for your dad or grandpa.

Nothing special is needed for this – You could create the collage with photos on a poster board or wall, or you could purchase something from Amazon for a cleaner, more refined look

4. Something for his Garden or Landscaping

If Grandpa has a green thumb and spends his free time tending his plants in the garden, honor what he loves. Sources: 4

You can have your name and initials engraved on this stylish gift. The monogrammed garden stone says “Pop’s Garden” or is etched with Grandpa’s favorite quotes about nature as a great gift! Sources: 1, 4

5. A Whitty T-shirt

Whether grandpa love golfing, fishing or cooking, there’s sure to be something on this list that makes him smile. The only thing better than dad jokes are grandpa jokes. Grandpa is definitely awesome, so help him spread the word with these funny T-shirts. Sources: 2

Bonus Gift

A golf-loving dad would definitely appreciate a 3-in-1 golf tool to replace dives, mark his ball and open his favorite drink.  Sources: 1

While you might be tempted to focus on your father, don’t forget to make Grandpa’s day special, too, because he’s been there for you for a long time. Sources: 4

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