What Is 8 Ball Pool? How To Play 8 Ball Pool?

The most common game you will probably see in your local indoor pool, and which most people think of when the word pool is mentioned, is the eight-ball. Eight ball pools can be played in singles or doubles and have hosted several championships around the world. It is played with balls to try to hit each other’s balls, but it is also played with two balls at the same time, one on each side of the pool. Sources: 2

Pool is a relatively fast game compared to its close relatives snooker and billiards, and this makes the players required to play the game at a high level. The most commonly played version of the pool is the eight-ball, where the phrase “the pool game” is equated with a game of eight balls. Players are assigned a color, depending on who takes the first ball and try to take the seventh ball in their color before taking the eighth ball for a win. Solid stripes are two different colors and each player tries to sink a 7-ball in his color while he sinks an 8-ball to win, or vice versa. Sources: 2, 9

There is a rich scientific literature describing approaches of artificial intelligence to modeling billiard games, but the number of different shots and situations that can occur is essentially infinite. Eight-ball is the reputation – and shot game played with 15 objects (balls) numbered from one to 15. One player can take a group with the numbers 1 – 7 (monochrome), while the other player must take balls 9 – 15 (stripes). Sources: 6, 9

The player who wins the group first and then legally takes all eight balls wins the game. The goal of the 8-ball pool game is that a player plugs in the balls 9 – 15 (stripes) that are assigned to him and then plugs them legally. Sources: 5, 7

It is decided randomly that the first player to open and break the rack at the start of the game wins. After the last game is won, the break is alternated with another player at the same table in the future game. Sources: 5

The ball is in the player’s color and he has to hit one of them with the first shot. If a foul is called, the move is over and the ball moves to the other side of the board and back to its original position. Sources: 8

To win the game, the player first specifies which pocket the 8 ball is put in and then tries to sink it. If the ball color is put in the pocket, his target becomes 8 and he cannot put it back in until he wins. Once all players in a team or group of objects have a ball in their pocket, they must first specify their target and try to “sink” the 8-ball. Sources: 8

If the cue ball comes off the rail at a sufficient speed, it must pull itself up and hit the tracks with the 8-ball. The shot must be hit as soon as it comes out of the pocket, so that it does not give off so much momentum that the 7-ball and 8-ball do not transfer much of that momentum on contact. When the shot is lined up or shot through the screen, you have to set it up as quickly as possible to hit it. Sources: 3

If you pot black and the cue ball drops too, you lose the game even if you pot black, and you lose your game because the cue ball has also fallen. Sources: 0

Two players usually play 8 balls with a cue stick and 16 balls, and two players pot 8 balls and play a pass to the other player. If a stage requires you to call the 8 ball pocket, potting an 8 ball into an unnamed pocket will result in the loss of the game. The 8-ball will be back – play the pass and cue the ball back to its original position. Sources: 0, 1

The object of the ball is to stuff an 8-ball into the pocket, with the assigned seven balls in the same pocket as the other player. If you stuff the 8 balls into a pocket, it is back – play the pass and return the balls to their original position. Sources: 1

The object of the game is to win by putting an 8-ball in a pocket called a pocket, with the balls from the assigned group being stewed. Sources: 1

The player in the established group is the solid ball, and the cue ball first makes contact with the ball being knocked off. If the first object on the ball touched by the trick ball is not the numbered shooter from the group, it is a ball-in-hand foul. The cue balls that are sunk or chased off the table are ball in hand fouls, but if they are not the number of shooters of the founding group, then the contact balls are hand fouls. Fixed balls are shot simultaneously with the other 8 balls in a pocket, whereby a total of 8 balls are available per player.  Sources: 4

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