About Us

The Intentions of the Founder

I created AI Smart Site to experiment with web automation and artificial intelligence while also learning about web design and development, SEO (search engine optimization), and website monetization.  I wanted a website where I could play around with different methods and techniques in content creation, article writing, and advertising. 

The Vision

Our vision is to have fully automated content production and posting, all to be completed by code or artificial intelligence. 

We have not achieved our vision yet – not even close.  We aren’t a “smart site” yet; I would refer to our process as semi-smart right now.  We have a lot of work to do to get where we want to be, but we are looking to learn and improve continuously, and we would appreciate your support as we move forward in this journey. 

About our Process

As of right now, our process for original content comes from a mix of both human intelligence (we’ll call them an operator) and artificial intelligence.  The operator decides on a broad topic, word, or phrase and does some SEO research to develop the topic. 

The topic is submitted to the AI text generating software and the article is written. 

The operator uses an artificial intelligence editor to go through the article.  Occasionally minor edits are made in addition to the suggested revisions, but these are often minor. 

Adding images, affiliate links, and publishing are all manual processes currently completed by the operator, but we hope that this changes as we approach our vision for AI Smart Site. 

Aside from original content, we have some automated article curation under the AI News tab.